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Support your feet, express your style

INSOLANCE is flipping the stereotypes about orthopedic shoes. The days of old fashioned, uncool orthopedic sandals that you’d hide under your desk are gone. INSOLANCE focuses on blending personalized orthopedic support with the kind of style that makes you wear sandals with joy

Why choose INSOLANCE?

Make Your Feet Happy

Because INSOLANCE is concerned about making your feet the happiest they can be! Think of your feet as the foundation of your body’s house—solid, reliable, and absolutely essential. Just like a house with shaky foundations can run into trouble, ignoring your feet problems might affect your overall wellbeing. That’s where INSOLANCE comes in

INSOLANCE is here to ensure your feet are as comfortable as they can be, so you can walk, run, and dance through life without any pain. When your feet are happy, there’s no stopping you—you’re free to be the unstoppable force you were meant to be!


Sun’s out, toes out! ☀️👣 And what better way to welcome the heat than with INSOLANCE’s fusion of modern timeless sandals and 3D printed orthopedic insoles?

INSOLANCES's only goal is to keep you in-style and pain-free

Our sandals are a pledge to your health and comfort, tailored to the unique shape of your feet

coming soon


The product in the picture above is one of our prototypes and we are still working on the final version. The style in general will stay the same but with some minor changes

Hit the product button to check the prototype variations!

  • First

    Your feet are as unique as you are, and that’s why at Insolance, we’re not just about sizes. We’re about shapes, comfort, and that snug feeling that says, ‘This is me.’ At INSOLANCE, we craft each pair to the contours of your feet, eliminating those annoying pressure spots and keeping pronation in check. Because when your feet feel good, you feel good

  • Second

    Your feet are as distinct as your fingerprint, and guess what?

    That’s totally normal!

    In fact, over 90% of us rock asymmetrical feet. But here’s where INSOLANCE steps in—the Insoles are off-the-charts in personalization. INSOLANCE 3D print them individually for each of your fabulous feet, giving them the love and attention they deserve

  • Third

    Personal touch is INSOLANCE's signature. Think of us as your foot’s new bestie.

    Our products? They’re like a cozy hug for your feet, offering premium support and cushioning that’s biomechanically tailored just for you. It’s like we know your feet better than they know themselves!

Sustainability for INSOLANCE

INSOLANCE cares about the planet and takes an initiative to support it in our way of doing business
- Local production in Spain to reduce CO2 emission
- Use eco-friendly materials, which are durable and can last long
- Use recycle materials to give the shoes another life cycle
- On demand production to reduce waste to zero